Waimea Valley Mother's Day
Spend Sunday May 12th Mother’s Day at Waimea Valley with a delicious brunch buffet by Ke Nui Kitchen. Enjoy hula performances and live music throughout your dining. Buffet for adults is $52.95 and children 4-12 years old $26.50. Your buffet includes free entry into the Valley on the same day only. There will be two seatings available at 9am and 12pm. Make your reservations at waimeavalley.net


Muffins, Bagel, & Flatbread Bar
House made Cold Smoked Salmon, Shrimp Salad, Mock Tofu Tuna, Whipped Butter, Flavored Cream Cheese,
Hummus, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Red Onion, Capers, Radish, Sprouts

Waffle Bar

Caramelized Banana, Coconut, Pineapple Sauce, Berries
Fried Chicken, Sriracha Thyme Maple Syrup

Scrambled Egg Bar

The Greek- Spinach, Onion, Olives, Sun Dried Tomato, Feta
Corned Beef Hash, Onions, Peppers, Romano
Mexican, Chorizo, Onions, Chilis, Poblanos, Jack Cheese
Bacon, Portuguese Sausage, Home fries, White Rice, Salsa,

Ceviche Bar

Poisson Cru, Shrimp, Scallops, Octopus


Little Gem Salad, Butter leaf, Tomato, Local Citrus, Pine Nuts, Pimentos
Beet & Lentil Salad, Herbs, Goat Cheese, Red Wine Vinaigrette
Quinoa Salad w Roasted Spring Vegetables
Mari’s Baby Caesar Salad


Laksa Vegetable Curry
Rice Noodles, Tofu, Bean Sprouts, Greens, in a Coconut Curry Broth
Crispy Duck Breasts, Tamarind Glaze, Grilled Tokyo Negi, Bao Buns, served w a Plum Sauce
Hawaiian Salt & Pepper Crusted Sirloin Steak
Wilted Kale, Sautéed Mushroom
Miso Sweet Potato Pie w Crispy Onion Crust


Fresh Fruit Salad
Chocolate Raspberry Tart
Caroline’s Homemade Banana Pudding
Event Date & Time
Sunday, May 12, 2019
8:30am - 1:00pm
Event Image
Event Location
Waimea Valley Hi'ipaka LLC
59-864 Kamehameha Hwy Haleiwa HI 96712
Island: Oahu
Event Cost
adult $52.95 and children 4-12 years old $26.50
Event Parking
Parking Details: Free Parking
Event Catagory
Categories: Mother's Day
Food & Beverage

Schedule / Additional Info:
1st Seating
830am check in
9am buffet line open

2nd Seating
1130am check in
12pm buffet line open

Contact Information:
Promoter: Waimea Valley
Name: Ke Nu Kitchen
Phone: (808) 638-5000
Alternate Phone: (808) 638-5858
Email: events@waimeavalley.net
Website: http://www.waimeavalley.net
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