O'ahu Fringe Festival
Join us for the 6th season of the O’ahu Fringe Festival, a performing arts smorgasbord in Chinatown Honolulu. This year we have dance, theatre, shadow puppetry, music,comedy, mask and circus brought to you by a diverse range of artists. Go on, and take the plunge and join us for great time of fringey fun!
Event Date & Time
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6:00pm - 11:00pm
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Event Location
The ARTS at Marks Garage
1159 Nu'uanu Ave. Honolulu
Island: Oahu
Event Cost
$10.00. $8.00 for kids under 12 for Sunday shows only. $100 Fringe Pass deal and see unlimited shows. Get your tickets at www.oahufringe.com, a service fee applies on all tickets sold.
Event Parking
Parking Details: https://www.firstfridayhawaii.com/d/d/parking-downtown-china
Location: See list above - call ahead to confirm parking details
Event Catagory
Categories: Live Theater

Schedule / Additional Info:
Fringe Shows Jan 10 -13, 2019
Thur - Sat at 6pm to 1130pm
Sun 2pm to 430pm

Other Days:
This event occurs Thursday - Sunday this week only.

Contact Information:
Promoter: Oahu Fringe Festival
Name: O'ahu Fringe Festival
Email: info@oahufringe.com
Website: http://www.oahufringe.com
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