T&C Surf Grom Contest
Since 1997, the mission of the T&C Surf Grom Contest has been to get more of Hawaii's youth in the water with a non competition style event. For twenty years, unrated groms have enjoyed this specialty event at Queen's Break right in the heart of Waikiki. This family friendly two-day contest is open to inspriring surfers ages 12 and younger who want a taste of competitive surfing in a fairly mellow setting. The Grom Contest is designed so all entry level surfers are eligible to surf only one division providing more kids a chance to compete. The ever poupular Kokua Division allows parents to assist their 3-6 year old keiki and help them catch waves! It gives the youngest of surfers the opportunity to take part in a contest with some extra support from a grown-up.
Event Date & Time
Saturday, May 20, 2017
7:00am - 5:00pm
Event Image
Event Location
Queens at Kuhio Beach Waikiki
2454 Kalakaua Ave
Island: Oahu
Event Cost
$25 per competitor, all spectators are free
Event Parking
Parking Details: Metered street parking, hotel parking, zoo parking
Location: Waikiki
Event Catagory
Categories: Family
Sports / Fitness
Youth Activities

Schedule / Additional Info:
May 20 - 7:00am first heat goes out.
May 20 - 2:00pm Kokua awards ceremony
May 20 - 4:45pm last heat of the day goes out.
May 21 - 7:00am first heat goes out.
May 20 - 4:00pm Awards ceremony for open divisions.
May 21 - 4:50pm last heat of the day goes out.
Subject to change.

Contact Information:
Promoter: Lani Isherwood
Name: Lani Isherwood
Phone: (808) 483-8711
Email: lanii@tcsurf.com
Website: http://www.tcsurf.com/grom
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