Guided Marine Center Tour - Tropical Fish Aquarium Tour
The Living Art Marine Center near Honolulu Airport is Hawaii's newest
interactive Marine Center providing hands-on and engaging education programs.

This 90 minute visit of the Marine Center includes a guided tour of our tropical fish exhibits with one of our educators, Gyotaku fish print craft on paper, and a visit to our Discovery Zone to touch animals. In addition, there is a chance to do several craft activities such as t-shirt printing and shell carving.

General Admission: $25.00 (child), $20.00 (adult)
Kama'aina & Military: $10.00 (child), $7.50 (adult)
Program duration: 90 minutes.
Online reservations are required to secure your spot.
Event Date & Time
Saturday, October 14, 2017
10:00am - 11:30am
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Event Location
Living Art Marine Center
3239 Ualena St., Honolulu, HI 96819
Island: Oahu
Event Cost
General Admission: $25.00 (child), $20.00 (adult)
Kama'aina & Military: $10.00 (child), $7.50 (adult)
* Children 2-12 years old.

Reservations are required to visit the Living Art Marine Center
Event Parking
Parking Details: Free on-site
Event Catagory
Categories: Youth Activities
Art / Museums

Contact Information:
Promoter: Education Dept.
Name: Living Art Marine Center
Phone: (808) 841-8080
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