Featured Events
Do you want (or need) to get your event REALLY noticed? Do you want your Event to be right there on the front page every time anyone logs in to HawaiiEventsOnline.com? Would you like your event to be seen immediately WITHOUT users having to do a search? If so, then you may be interested in placing your Event in our Featured Events section.

Events in this section get incredible exposure THOUSANDS of times per day. Rates vary, but displaying your event in the Featured Events section generally runs $100/week. For longer runs, the cost per week will be even less.

Compare this to any other advertising medium such as Radio, and for the same money you would only be able to purchase three or maybe four prime time 30-second commercials and you may possibly not even be heard!

For more information or to place your Event in the Featured Events section, please send us email mentioning your posted Event using the link below, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

HEO.com Advertising Dept: advertise@hawaiieventsonline.com